Is it the hottest dope hardware and another review site? Is it going to be a top notch Marijuana and blown glass site? Both would be some dope shit. Or is it going to be a CDN with tit's and ass? For 15 years there has been irc networks, mumble, irc shell hosting (freeircshells at one time on a p3 450 w/512gb ram and Gento until Centos 5.3 came out and 400+ users and 15 T1's with 3 pipelines/ipv4 blocks/routes before an OC3 upgrades. So big buds or sexy tan curvy perfect shaped butt art? We will see.... Maybe a Gridcoin site, donations accepted and appreciated " S6rKzktMeEnRo2PdweyQMPGjjHkJgs9Zzj "